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.hack//G.U. Trilogy Voice Actor Script Replica

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It's very hard to actually get your hands on a real voice actor script whether it's the colorful Japanese paperback ones or any other localization ones. However, in Japan there have been few opportunities for fans to acquire one legitimately. On occasion with at least .hack//G.U. Trilogy movie and .hack//Beyond the World movie fans got the opportunity to buy one if they made a purchase of a select item.


But these voice actor scripts were not original but instead reproductions, often denoted with the word "replica" in Japanese in the upper left corner of the script. This being the main difference between the authentic real deal used by VA's and the officially sanctioned replica's by the publisher. That and an accompanied serial number at the bottom.

The way for you to have obtained a .hack//G.U. Trilogy voice actor script replica officially was to purchase the first .hack//Archives 01 hardback edition from the CC2Store for ¥5,700 in December 2008. It is thought there to be only 1,000 of these licensed replica's made as stated on this website promotional image.


While the listing says 122 pages, the last printed label does say page 122.


However there is an extra page before page 1, so making the total count to 124 pages.


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