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.hack//LIMINALITY US Localization Director Scripts


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These director scripts were provided by the late Kevin Seymour who oversaw the western localization of these episodes while working with and along side ZRO Limit Productions, Animaze..iNC, and in communication with Bandai America. Those who handled Kevin's estate sold off various director scripts including the four episodes of Liminality and the four PS2 games for .hack//Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, and Quarantine.

Thanks to a generous donation from Gemcrim from the community, we were able to purchase one of the set of scripts from the estate sale.

So what is the importance of these director scripts? First hand we see the original translations from Japanese to English, then we see what steps they were thinking in terms of timing and video editing to make the dialogue match the duration of the lips animation moving (to avoid an original Godzilla dubbing out of sync), we also get to use which voice actors were used for some of the extra's, and the communications shared between each studio that took place throughout this whole process. This is a piece of dothack history, localization history, and a time period of the early 2000's standard dubbing practices.

Take what you wish from these scans and notes, we are releasing them as-is with the only redactions of peoples phone numbers, physical addresses, e-mail addresses, and other personal and private information.

.hack//LIMINALITY Episode 1 In the Case of Mai Minase



.hack//LIMINALITY Episode 2 In the Case of Yuki Aihara




.hack//LIMINALITY Episode 3 In the Case of Kyoko Tohno




.hack//LIMINALITY Episode 4 Trismegistus



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