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On May 18, 2005 then Bandai had published the sales figures for .hack//IMOQ (Infection Mutation Outbreak Quarantine) combined. Here is what they had to say:


2002年 6月20日 「.hack//感染拡大Vol.1」
2002年 9月19日 「.hack//悪性変異Vol.2」
2002年12月12日 「.hack//侵食汚染Vol.3」
2003年 4月10日 「.hack//絶対包囲Vol.4」
国内累計 78万本(2004年 3月まで)
ワールドワイド累計 173万本(2004年 3月まで)

This is an excerpt from the attached PDF file, but the English of it says as follows:


About PlayStation 2 ".hack"
June 20, 2002 ".hack// Spread of infection Vol.1"
September 19, 2002 ".hack//Malignant Mutation Vol.2"
December 12, 2002 ".hack//Erosion Contamination Vol.3"
April 10, 2003 ".hack//Zettai Siege Vol.4"
Domestic total 780,000 units (until March 2004)
Cumulative worldwide sales: 1.73 million (as of March 2004)
* Release date is the release month in Japan.

So from it's first volume to it's forth volume over the course of 20 months they sold 780,000 units in Japan and 1.73 million (1,730,000) units world wide


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  • Erroneous changed the title to .hack//IMOQ 20 Month Sales Figures

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