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Special Update - The Official End of "The World R:2"

System Broadcast 24 Jul 2014
Good Morning Integrians!   I would like to officially announce that as of now the Online part of the roleplay has been ended to make way for the upcoming roleplay that we will be host to very soon codenamed "The Twilight." If you roleplay here on Integrability you still will be able to post...
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July 2014 Integrability Updates

System Broadcast 14 Jul 2014
Hello Integrians!   Guess what time it is? I'll wait........... Guessed yet? No? Well let me tell you! It's Peanut But- Ah, just kidding. So, even though it's been a while since the last update it's July 2014 and time for your jam packed Integrability Update! Let's get started shall we?...
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Integrability Newsletter Special Announcement ".hack/...

System Broadcast 02 Jun 2014
Hello Integrability, For the past few years you may have come across the username Coldbird, the person with the fascination with BandaiNamco's Playstation 2 title .hack//frägment, he had strive to figure and learn the inner workings of where the game wanted to connect to and to see if he could re...
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Amethyst Knight Job Openings!

System Broadcast 10 Mar 2014
Here ye, here ye! Attention all Integrians!Have you ever wondered "What does it take to become a moderator on Integrability?" or "[i]Can I a moderator on Integral?" Well this is your lucky day! We are officially looking for new, up and coming Amethyst Knights (Moderato...
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Integrability Role Play Story Arcs: We are listening!

System Broadcast 23 Feb 2014
According to our last poll users stated that they were unable to participate in the RP due to two reasons:1) they did not have enough time (12 votes) 2) The story was too far progressed and they felt they could not get into it (10 votes)We want to improve your experience at integral, and as such,...
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Careers With Integrability

System Broadcast 16 Sep 2009
For those of you who have been with Integral, you'll know that we have many golden rules and one of which is don't ask to be on staff. This rule has been lifted and now only applies to the highest authority position administration, you'll have to earn that one. We however have many en...
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Latest Dothack Discussion

Freaky Occurences...

GU 10 Jul 2014
Has anyone ever found any weird occurences in .hack//GU, like PKs that can't die or field glitches? Tell me, please. Got art off of deviantART (ClassicTime made this, not me)   [Edit] In example: You're going through a field in Dol Dona's server, and you find a platform by an island that's...
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GU Haseo-New Job Extension

GU 11 Feb 2014
Shouldn't Haseo have gotten B_st form or something in G.U. when Taihaku infected him with AIDA? Tell me what you think, because I want to share my opion with someone. What I meant by that was a Job Extension hacked illegally into you by the AIDA. And you'd have to battle as Kuhn and Atoli against...
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AltimitMine: The World R:Craft

.hack 23 Apr 2014
If anyone's interested to play more of dotHack online games, this might be for you. Please join us because we need more active members! I am not owner of this server but I am staff member of this server. If you have any problems, please contact me or post in "Help" section on the website. Website...
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When's the last time anyone played these?

Infection 25 Feb 2014
After buying a new laptop I decided to set up a ps2 emulator, and these games came to mind since I haven't played them in a good ten years. I'm currently on outbreak and I'm loving it. The game play leaves something to be desired but the story is still fun. I've never actually eve...
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GU 08 Jan 2014
What do you guys think about a .Hack// mmo in the GU world? If it were to happen what class would you pick and what would you do (RP, Just Play, Hang With Friends) and what if the Oculus Rift was involved?
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How to Unset Cards

Guilty Dragon 06 Jan 2014
I`ve been playing for a while now and I recently noticed that when I look at my cards some of them say Set. I can`t use them and would like to unset them so I can use them as fusion material. They are not in my deck but they are set to something and I can`t figure it out. Any suggestions?
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