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  1. Soooooo what has been happening with The World R:Craft? A TON!
    2017-02-21_15.26.28.png 2017-02-21_22.01.11.png 2017-03-30_13.33.05.png2017-04-30_00.50.45.png 2017-05-12_10.01.29.png 
    We've found a mod that allows us to replace the character models with the actual models ripped from IMOQF and GU, they just need rerigged for the MMD format which I'm still learning and translating a ton of guides is making it go super slow.

    2017-05-07_02.22.06.png 2017-05-07_18.53.16.png 2017-05-07_21.12.37.png2017-05-12_08.07.18.png 2017-05-19_21.54.14.png 2017-05-19_21.58.13.png 
    I've even found a way to convert the maps being ripped and rebuilt for the VRChat The World maps into Minecraft worlds saving me soooooooooo much building time. Here we have as follows Carmina Gadelica, Fort Ouph, Lia Fail, Mac Anu from IMOQF, and Mac Anu from GU! This allows us to save the time of scaling, building and getting ton of back ground buildings built and more time detailing.
    I've also began a process of importing the skyboxes as models but I am facing the same issues as below.

    2017-05-13_00.15.52.png 2017-05-15_09.55.29.png 2017-05-15_10.13.50.png2017-05-15_10.16.29.png 2017-05-17_22.25.29.png 2017-05-19_13.09.51.png2017-05-19_23.10.14.png 2017-05-21_10.43.18.png 2017-05-21_10.38.10.png2017-05-20_17.21.01.png 
    I've also found another model that allows me to render in models ripped from the game as a block, allowing us to use the IMOQF gate for those fields, the GU gates for those fields, NPCs instead of Steve models, and even the ships in the harbor! As for the last photo there, that is me testing loading the world itself, a bit without textures that's why it's purple and black, though I am being limited by Minecraft's render as if you move from the source block, the city derenders. I am working on possible workarounds for this.
    However, should that fail, I've also began work on converting the ingame textures into the games included texture pack like so.

    If anyone has any questions, free to ask away.
  2. Keramory
    Latest Entry

    A bit early for this announcement but I myself can hardly contain waiting as some may know, the last few weeks have been rough. A lot of rumors were going around and many of us were in the dark about the situation with the staff. That being said...we're back!

    We are the first to admit the lack of communication thus far for not only ourselves but to you, the players as well was inexcusable. So we are going to try and make that up as much as we can.

    A few small things to make this up.

    1. From what I understand Siegfre found ways to fix the major problems with the lag in our game. It's still being tweaked but I know for many this was a large concern.

    2. As you can see the Development forums are open with old content for the game. The developer blog for donators is still active however, and for new content it will be posted there as it's being made.

    3. Speaking of the Development forums, I made a new thread (while forgetting my old thread was only under it by a few, opps) about reconstructing Holyground. I plan to make it bigger and more worthy of a .hack game.

    4. We would like to host a small event, similar to our last one for the players. This time however, you guys decide the theme of the event. Granted we want to limit the resources used for this event to a minimum as to not hurt development, but on the forums let us know what sort of theme and gimmik the event consists of. Don't be scared when posting because of my limited resources comment, we will let you know as people post what we can and cannot do for this.
    Some examples would be a summer, winter, or fall festival. It could be located on a beach or lake, or some sort of other area. It could be a tournament (assuming PVP is up to date). You guys decide! As the more popular ideas surface, we will put it to a vote.

    5. Many of the older members from CyberConnect already know about this, but for those who don't, I want an alternative for those seeking a more active forum or .hack game while we continue to progress in ours. As many know I've had a stance that our community doesn't need to seek growing until we have more done. Although ideally we should be farther in development we are not, so I want to push this stance again and give people some options.

    When CyberConnect went down, an older project from many years ago, the community divided. A division of those members can be found here at Cyberconnects2.

    I personally along with the rest of the staff do not have anything to do with the project or development and have nothing bad to say against it's staff. Actually I've known one of them for years. For those more interested in a .hack clone or a 2d game to make the time go by, here is a good alternative.

    For one thing we are still lacking, and needed desperately, is 3D modelers (who can texture) and animators. Please pm me if you are interested in joining the project if you are a 3D modeler and/animator

    I hope these small things are enough to satisfy some of you while we continue to develop The World.

    Thank you,

    Lee Keramory

  3. As some of you may have noticed, Mac Anu has a winter theme in spirit of the season!

    In addition to this, it has come to my attention that the updater has been working incorrectly for some players.
    I would ask that anyone attempting to play, please download this version of the updater and replace the one in your games directory.
    Download : zip, rar

    For many players, the updater was giving a "File create error" or "Permission denied" popup.
    Not to mention it wasn't adding the new files to the Common.CC2 file. This is a huge problem.

    ALSO. In order for the game to run correctly, you'll have to set your version back down to version "64".
    You can do this by running Notepad (as administrator), and opening the file \Data\Patch.CC2
    You will see a line that says Version=X. If the X is under 64, you are fine.
    If it is above 64, you will need to change it to say Version=64 and then save the file.
    When you run the updater again, it will get all the new files properly.

    UPDATE: The old process may have been confusing, so I made this small manual-patch. Just extract these files to your game folder (overwriting the old files) and you should be golden!

    I know you've all been waiting very patiently for 1.0.9.x (some even gave up), and we're close to releasing it.
    We were on a roll with R:2 and didn't have time to work on R:1, but now I am back and actively working on it!

    There will be over 100 bug fixes in the new version, as well as new features, new sprites, new tilesets, and better performance.
    @Homes may not be ready for 1.0.9.x release, but may be pushed to a later version (still 1.0.9.x)

  4. After a little work I was able to get some work done on the game once again. Here is a screen shot of the client connected to the server and work in progress of chat drawn on the screen. The unreadable text underneath the HP/SP bars to the right are all the rest of the players stats.


  5. .hack//SIGN DVD GIVEAWAY FEB 24th!

    Hey dothackers! A heads up, we're giving away a few copies of .hack//SIGN on Feb 24th. The catch is you have to like Japan Yay, our sister site, to be eligible. More details to come!

  6. jstacko
    Latest Entry

    So I got an email today about the domain name expiring in the next few weeks. Part of me wants to keep it and part of me wants to let it go. Ideas on what to do with it if I keep it?

  7. Working on porting over some more .hack//quarantine content to .hack//frägment.

    If all goes right we will have 100% english Grunty Farms soon, as well as a lot more translated NPCs.

    While I'm at it, sorry for the lack of updates over the last few months, life is busy but I will pick up my pace again in providing a better experience for all of you.

    Greetings, Coldbird

  8. As some of you may been aware, Kite (aka Kyomi) had officially stepped down from staff altogether due to inactivity and real life focus. With that, ownership reverted back to me but I too have been dealing with the same. However, I have been working in the background amongst many other dothack site's including this one and others you may still be apart of. One of the main organizations of bridiging the site's has been The Dothack Network. A tool to unite all status of the remaining dothack sites.

    Kite (Kyomi) had been posting Integrability updates onto the Dothack Network official Facebook page with every update. However it netted no new traffic here. Many disbelief Integrability's constant hard resets obviously. The current reset was once again a choice; a choice to bridge the future installments of TheWorld onto our site to open up new opportunities, which really didn't take off. The old site which heavily focused on R2 exclusively still remains intact And since we switched to this place, we been importing content over. And the real major reason we switched to this new site was for preparation for the forum software's next major update, version 4.0. While we had all preparations set, activity seemed to have still died off entirely on everyone's part.

    As I mentioned, I been one of the force behind in the background at Dothack Network, originally started as a growing Facebook community with 1,400 likes and a frequent update, with tons of feedback from people like you. I had attempted to create a solid website for the cause; showcasing old site's past and present but Wordpress had limited interaction and since the domain was not many people knew of it or how to get to it. Integrability has always been located in the subdomain /forums/ and the parent home has been pretty much unused as a place holder to take you to the forums. Therefore I began a new website for Dothack Network.

    Hiroshi Matsuyama the CEO of CyberConnect2 has consistently stated the desire to continue persuit of the .hack series; but their publisher BandaiNamco seems to have other priorities still with the Naurto franchise from CC2 and little to no interests with their license with .hack, and as such Hiroshi has stated we the fans need to make our voices heard towards BandaiNamco Games as much as how the Tales of fans did back when Tales of had a drought after Tales of Destiny 2 prior to Tales of Symphonia which took the series on thereafter.

    All this has been recollected at the latest Facebook update And with that, gave purpose to the archiving of all things dothack. The blogs section ( ) holds a special home to the old and current .hack fan sites progress and updates. The downloads section holds dozens of fan favorite files from the past and present. And the gallery (while at this time is broken in thumbnail mode, easily fixed by switching to show as list) holds many of the screenshots of various dothack projects and fansites as well as cosplayers and other dothack exclusive content.

    At this time, the site used all the old predaccessors of Integrability as it's foundation i.e. members, profiles, post counts, join dates, and other hidden gems. But that's all where the content imports as Dothack Network was meant to be a neutral and brand new seperate project altogether. And while there is an RP section, it is unrelated towards Integrability; nor is it the focus of the site. And with that, there is little to no non-dothack related content available.

    But be reminded, this new site is a complete work-in-progress in both it's content and software. We are working closely with the developers of the new forum software in bug testing ( ) as this site is NOT a stable release of the upcoming forum software (like the thumbnail issue in gallery). While we were hopeing to continue working with the developers in testing before a final public release was made available; we realize the .hack community continues to seperate and die out with smaller projects disappearing frequently. Therefore it has become amicable for us to get word out of this project as early as possible to rally fans together to press on towards BandaiNamco's front doors and get this series return back from the dead like how Tales Of successfully re-emerged.


  9. Kazetrigger
    Latest Entry

    Happy New Year everyone! As a surprise, I have released Version 0.2.1 of the .hack//Link English Patch! Not much has changed, but it offers a little extra dialogue, more menu dialogue and more system messages. Some of you may notice the changes, others of you may not be at a place in the game where the added translations are used, but progress is being made.


  10. I Love “Trapped in a Video Game” Stories


    I love “trapped in a video game” stories—be that in books, anime, or even games. As a gamer, such stories directly relate to my greatest passion. But more than that, “trapped in a video game” is setup brimming with the potential for epic plots and thematic explorations.

    Much can be done with the “trapped in a video game” setting. It can be used for straight-up adventure or horror. It can bring to life an exploration of the human psyche or be a thought experiment for the construction of a society as a whole.

    In other words, it’s the way this setting is used that makes all the difference; “trapped in a video game” is the starting point, not the be-all and end-all of the story.


    That’s one of the reasons I get frustrated when things like Sword Art Online and Log Horizon are called rip-offs of the first popular “trapped in a video game” franchise, .hack//SIGN. It’s like saying Star Wars is a rip-off of Star Trek just because Star Trek came first and has a similar setting: a galactic civilization in space.

    Yet despite the shared general setting, we all know these two series couldn’t be more different. One is science fiction and concerned with exploration, the future of mankind, and social commentary on our modern day world. The other is science fantasy and gives its all to the creation of an engrossing adventure about heroes and villains battling among the stars.

    I Love “Trapped in a Video Game” Stories

    In the same way, .hack//SIGN, Sword Art Online, and Log Horizon are fundamentally different stories despite having the same starting point—a “trapped in a video game” setup. .hack//SIGN is a mystery about a single person trapped in a video game and how he (and those players around him) deal with the psychological and game world problems that relate to his situation.

    Sword Art Online is an action adventure where thousands of people are trapped in a video game with the ever impending threat of real world death looming over them. It spends its time on action, romance, and an episodic exploration of how various people have adapted differently to the new world. Log Horizon, on the other hand, is not as interested in the individual’s reactions as it is in the overall implications of building a new society from the ground up in a game world made real.

    For decades, fantasy works have built amazing tales on the backbone of the Lord of the Rings-style setting—and that’s not a bad thing. Video game worlds in any form of storytelling are the perfect setting for future fantasy and sci-fi works—and the plot device of being trapped in one is just one of countless possible subgenres that can tell any number of enjoyable stories.

    So remember: Just because a setting has been used before doesn’t mean that other works with the same setup are simply inferior, cheap copies. There are many epic stories out there that start at the same place. And the more creative imagining that can springboard from that “same place”—whatever it may be—the better for us as readers, viewers, and players.

    Kotaku East is your slice of Asian internet culture, bringing you the latest talking points from Japan, Korea, China and beyond. Tune in every morning from 4am to 8am.

    To contact the author of this post, write to or find him on Twitter @BiggestinJapan.

  11. Zarch
    Latest Entry

    So as you read on the forum I was trying for a thing called BizSpark. I did get in but I did it under a different group name because I and another are creating a full game/software company. I cant bring this game under that company as its a fan game nor would it be good since its an MMO and we want to get things moving fast and that wouldn’t go well. I have been trying to decide whether or not I should close this project and leave the code out here or not for someone to continue. I have decided to not drop it but work on it as my personal project. The reason I say personal now even though it has been is because under the company employees work on a company project or a personal project under the company. Since being an owner we are making an exception and my personal one wont be under the company. With that said Its not on my top priority for when I program (though its probably going to be worked on just as much). With that said I will say the other coder that did work with me on this game is also the other owner of the new company and will not be with me on this one anymore so the new code to make the server into an authoritative server will not be done unless we moved to unity as the server again. So for now unless I find a way to make it work for monsters there will be no monster combat. That said I will make it so killing players earns u money but u have to challenge them to a duel or be in an arena battle. Would that be good? Ill also see what I can do for making events and ill add in the field that you can spawn things into. If you have any other ideas let me know cause I want to make it fun and playable as much as I can.

  12. hackLink-patch.thumb.png.d2213cc0b9b529f

    Greetings this a online of how the new patch system for .hack will work, this will be distributed with all the tools required to work the patch no more looking for the proper files you need. Download it here, unzip it, move the data.cpk file into the uncompressed folder and click the “patch” batch file. This will overwrite the data.cpk file in the folder. Once it is done insert the data.cpk file back into the iso using UMDTOOL 3.5. Simple right?

    I tried my best to make this foolproof, but it can fail. If your Java Runtime Environment is installed in a non standard folder, please make sure the folder containing java.exe is in the system path. If you have no idea what this means you probably are safe, but there were a bunch of people with issues with this before. Leading me to to consider a tutorial post, Google system path java, and you should be safe.

    Why use this over the old one? Because it is simpler and also take advantage of compression of the files that I have been neglecting at this point, which should fix a few slowdown issues we have been having. So please test it out and let me know.

    Jun Bansyoya

    PS This is still the same version of the patch as last time, there is not new translated dialog here. The translators are working hard I hear they may have a new release soon. This is purely something I am testing on the technical side, please ignore it until the new patch if you wish.

  13. The World: Revelations is a .hack fan-made, 2D mmorpg that is being made by us. We use RPGMaker VX sprites, and use the Eclipse Origins: Event System engine.

    It is a combination of both R:1 and R:2 version of the .hack called The World. (a .hack / .hack G.U. hybrid)

    Features (WIP):

    Chaos Gate system
    Short Mail
    Character Customization
    Gate Out
    (more to come.)



    Wavemaser - A strong support class that specializes in healing and offensive magic but lacks in PhyStr. Uses Rod / staff
    Blade Master - A Balance of attack and defense. Uses Sword and Shield.
    Heavy Blade - specializes in offense, but lacks in speed. Uses Broadsword.
    Heavy Axeman - similar to the Heavy Blade class. Uses Axe
    Long Arm - Specializes in range, but lacks in offense. Uses Lance / Spear.
    Twin Blade - Specializes in speed, but lacks in defense. - Uses Daggers / Claws



    Beast Statue:
    Posted Image

    Grass field areas:

    Posted Image

    Mac Anu:

    Posted Image


    No maps / content / ideas / features listed here are final. We're always open to suggestion. This is just a general presentation. We currently are far from completion, but driven to complete our project.

    We are currently recruiting staff for mapping. NPC's, items/weapons, spells, etc. If you need more information, please visit our unofficial forum or PM us here.

    Our forum:

  14. Patch Notes #1.4

    Okay guys, the team has been working hard on this for a few days. Seem to have all the major glitches taken care of. You MUST download client version 1.4 to play. I'll repeat that, you are REQUIRED to download client 1.4 to be able to play. With that out of the way, onto the notes. There has been an account wipe, please create a new character to play. A remind this a test of these feature, we will be add more like this in the future but please report any graphical glitches you encounter. Thanks again, hope you guys enjoy. The new download, as always, is available on the forums.

    *System Changes*

    -Major changes when it comes to the character sheet. Before there were 4 equipable slots, now there is 9. We have seperated shield and ring to be their own slots, thus a Blade Master can now wear both a ring and shield. Also added an Enchant Slot which is for high level Enchant Gear later on in the game. Besides those 2, we added 3 Cosmetic Slots. They are Hair, Accessory, and Cloths.

    -When players equip a hair, the hair on their sprite will change to that hair. Same goes for cloths and accessories. Thus the way your sprite looks is no longer permanent and can be modified in game by buying these types of cosmetic items.

    -Added Staff Event Vendor to the center of Mac Anu, it has rare cosmetic items such as wings, sunglasses, cloaks, etc. The only way to get these cosmetic items is by winning future staff run events until you have enough “Advanced Staff Tokens”.

    -Working on Staff Event items for regular “Staff Tokens” which will be rewarded for just participating in a Staff Run Event.

    -The first 13 weapons and 2 shields, have all been re-done, and now appear on your sprite after you equip them.

    -Character Creation Room and Vendors have been implemented. When you create your new character you will appear in said room. You may then pick out 1 hair, 1 piece of cloths, and 1 accessory from the vendors. This is regulated by new characters receiving 3 staff tokens. When the player is done selecting, the merely need to step through the door and they will be warped to Mac Anu. All remaining staff tokens will be removed from the players inventory upon exitting the Creation Room. Cosmetic Items are Bound on Pickup, meaning they cannot be traded to another character.


    カプコン × セガ × バンダイナムコゲームス
    「PROJECT X ZONE」(プロジェクト クロスゾーン)





    タイトルPROJECT X ZONE (プロジェクト クロスゾーン)
    発売日2012年10月11日(木) 好評発売中!

    ©.hack Conglomerate ©藤島康介 ©2012 NBGI

  16. It has been a little quiet in terms of .hack//Quantum information, however a new exciting 7-whole-minute video was released, and we are very excited to be showing it. It has been uploaded to our youtube page for easier viewing, as well as posted below. The quality sadly isn't top-notch, but that's to be expected for now. You will also be able to catch a glymps of two new characters, Atoli & Kuhn to the cast. Enjoy!

  17. Sam Gray
    Latest Entry

    Hello everyone. First of all, I'd like to say that I'm sorry it's taken me this long to post anything here. I got pretty busy the past couple of weeks between Christmas, working on my first iPhone app, and of course school work.

    So anyway, I now have something to show. Here is a video of the Chaos Gate system, that works 100% already.(you can add new areas to the chaos gate on the fly, without having to restart the server or anyone needing to update their game)

    Within the next couple days most likely, I'll be releasing a client out to everyone that has access to these staff forums only. At the time when I do that, their won't be many maps most likely. Just enough for you all to be able to test the features of the game out, and nothing more.

    Thanks for reading this and watching the video, please leave a comment here if you want.

  18. Those of you returning with us are probably curious to know what changes have occurred. Those of you gone for a very long time may want to take this chance to read up on the Newsletter to flip through the months gone by to see all the changes over the years. Although at first not much has changed, you'll find quite the opposite. Obviously the Newsletter as mentioned above is back in action and taking charge of capturing each months highlights and bonus material written by our esteemed writers. New on the project is our very own radio station broadcasted from our very own Nuke Usagimaru. This is a chance for you to listen to everything dothack on your local media players. Other changes recently has been new features and content added to our adfere wiki site for everything related to dothack.

    But those of you were here for our traditional resource, the MMO and the role-play of Integral, would have noticed we at one time had the split of The World R1 and The World R2 but combined those universes along with the universe of The World RX into one massive universe we call The World NExT, new era of twilight. What this means is our role-play takes place in a very alternate universe where aspects and features of all realms used in one. But also we've taken away the least used offline topics and expanded them into its own universe as well known as the city of Hagarashi where the game is hosted and we all live in.

    But if that doesn't interest you in the least, then you should head on over to see what our Sprite Team has cooking for you. With over a 5,000 sprite choices making that 25,000,000 possibilities for you to choose from for you to be your very own dothack character! With tons more in the works and available for special events and opportunities, can you imagine the other million possibilities? And our Game Masters building and festively adding new and more content to the RPG system for you to interact and play each day. With more NPCs, more items, more events and quests, and even more monsters as well as new field maps and root towns! What more can you ask for?

    So what are you waiting for? See all these and the other newer features of Integral compared to your visit and see why thousands till choose to make this their home and source for everything dothack!~

  19. Hello everyone!
    I've got some great fan art I've been working on for the past couple weeks. It's starting to turn out pretty damn good so far, but I need some more input. Let me know what you guys think. - This is the latest video with a little fun happy music :D - This is the latest video and the older ones throughout my development

    All I'm looking for is your thoughts and a little input on what you think I could do to make it better. As of now, it's just a direct copy, but once I finish it up some more, I'll be improving the models and texture quality to give it a more next-gen feel.

    Thanks for checkin it out!

    -Dan Boudreau-

  20. Yes… 3D Screenshots… Sounds interesting?

    Listen well then… You might like what you read.

    To those that tried to do 3D Screenshots of PCSX2 using tools like 3D Ripper DX… you probably figured out that PCSX2 isn’t compatible with such tools… Easily explainable… Because PCSX2 flattens the whole stuff to a 2D Layer before forwarding it to the DX api…

    This is where my plugin… currently in a internal alpha testing version… Jumps in…

    It’s based on Gabest’s famous GSDX Plugin which supports both DX9 and for Vista users DX10…

    I added my own code to it… which pipes the whole 3D Card Traffic into a 3D File…

    Or summed up… 3D Screenshots!

  21. Team name: Team Twilight Children *not a registered company, but on its way to becoming one* In cooperation with: Bad Sync Entertainment (Savage: Unearthly Wars - Online TGC) and Gamma Prime (providing us with scripting/coding resources and support)

    Project name: MMORPG- Epitaph: The Twilight Children Online TCG - Savage Unearthly Wars Flash Anime - Age of Inception 3D Movie - .hack//Rebirth

    Brief description: Epitaph: The Twilight Children (ETTC) is an MMORPG-in-development loosely based on .hack's "The World." in order to revive the slowly dying series. It is a full 3D project that started out as a small 2D game near the beginning of March 2008, but turned to a 3D approach near middle April and has been growing ever since. Savage: Unearthly Wars is a card game concept developed by Bad Sync Entertainment, with close ties to parent project, ETTC. It is slated to be an online TCG, and may hit offline as well. Age of Inception is a Flash-based anime project stemming from ETTC, which tells of events prior to the game's storyline. It has 4 40-minute episodes planned for release and voice casting is currently under way. .hack//Rebirth is a new child project ran by AzureSarios. It is a fully 3D animated movie. The team will combine a few elements of each project as a package deal to present to Bandai and CyberConnects2 in order to gain permission to release the games/anime for non-profit. Because everything from Team Twilight Children us created from scratch (no rips, copies, characters etc.), if it does get rejected to be released as non-profit, all that will be needed to change is the names.

    Target aim: ETTC will remain free-to-play until further notice. Funding is gathered through donations as of now. Short Term: Produce an adequate amount of footage from the game/anime to advertise on Youtube and other various video sources. Put together a small but appealing package to present to Bandai and CyberConnect2. Long Term: Expanding into two more planned projects after the release of these, all original, for profit. Obtaining a game development headquarters possibly in Florida (already a work in progress).

    Compensation: At this moment, every team member is working for FREE, purely to fulfill their game design passions and hone their skills so that they may work for the company in the future. However, all staff do get in-game benefits once the game is released. A possible option for payment should be available soon, as we are getting a satisfying amount of donations (a percentage will go into a bank to pay our staff ONLY when the game has made a release).

    Technology: MMORPG is slated for release on most/all PC OS, also using game controller compatibility. Art Resources: GIMP, Photoshop CS3, Flash (all kinds), Drawing Tablets, any other media. Musick: FL Studio (main), others as well 3D: Blender, Sketchup, 3Ds Max Programming Languages: C++ (MMORPG/card game development), HTML/CSS, Flash for website/anime purposes

    Talent needed: **Most individuals who work at Team Twilight Children are under the age of 17, but have a passion for developing skills by helping with the project. Therefore, we take ALL experience types, from those who want to learn from the ground up, to those who have many years and may want to aid in helping others learn in a friendly environment.**

    3D Character Design/Animation (NEEDED GREATLY) Landscape/Object Design Monster Design/Animation (NEEDED GREATLY) **Individuals working in the 3D dept. will work closely with 2D concept artists and texture artists, taking the concepts/textures to build and texture models. They are also required to learn/use animation software to create the movements of models that will be performing action.**

    2D Landscape Design (NEEDED GREATLY) - Will design the towns, landscapes, scenery in 2D so the 3D artists may have an easier time of creating environments for use in-game. Flash (NEEDED GREATLY) Anime - Will work with the style of the character designer to create fluid animated scenes for the Age of Inception Anime. These can be broken up into background artists/animators, character artist/animators, and those who will colour the animated images. Website - Will work with the layout design provided for the website to create the desired effect, so that the website will have a very professional look. Texture Artists (NEEDED GREATLY) - Works in Gimp and Photoshop to provide hi-quality textures to be places on the 3D models. We need textures of all kinds at the moment, from character to clothes to grass to metal. We already have a few models looking to be textured so hop aboard and help us start making these models look very nice.

    Programmers Section Moderator (NEEDED GREATLY) - Expected to have at least 5+ years of C++ AND/OR HTML/CSS experience. You'll be in charge of making sure the programmers are working in sync and always have a projected goal to fulfill as well as answer questions they may have. C++ - To code the game using C++ programming so that all of the mechanics to run the game work correctly. You will basically be designing/tweaking the game's core so that others will be able to play it. C++ programmers are also needed to code Savage: Unearthly Wars. HTML/CSS - You'll be working with artists to maintain the web page and keep it neat and professional, as well as make sure all of the links work and are in order.

    Writers Section Mod - Responsibilities include gathering the writing team to produce the text that will appear in-game, on the website, and in the anime script. One mod per section: Game, Website, Anime Anime Script (NEEDED GREATLY) - Will write out the dialogue that will be spoken by the voice actors. Anime Scenes (NEEDED GREATLY) - Will plan out actions that will be shown in the anime, event-wise, to be taken to a storyboard artist to be sketched out. Game Script (NEEDED GREATLY) - Will write out the finalized version of the back-story, all character and in-game system dialogue, spell names, weapon names, NPC names, etc. that will appear in-game. Translators (NEEDED GREATLY) - Will translate the various texts into many languages so everyone of any language can enjoy the experience. So far we have a few German and Japanese translators. More are always welcome.

    Musick **All musick composers are welcome to provide a rich soundtrack, no matter how much experience you have, so we do not put a cap on musick production applications as of now.** SFX Producer (NEEDED GREATLY) - Responsibilities are to create very rich sound FX to be used in game: Running water, ambience, footsteps, etc. Only original creations please, no rips. Vocalists - Working with the other vocalists to provide a very nice sound for game/anime tracks requiring vocals. Back-up vocals especially needed (we have a few lead already, but if you have a strong/outstanding voice please apply). **We seem to be having a few problems with some submitting directly ripped soundtracks for use in-game, anime, etc. This is NOT tolerated. If we find that you didn't compose the musick yourself or if you are using a similar tune from an existing song, that it is thoroughly remixed, it will NOT be used.**

    Support Team This team is responsible for advertisement, recruitment, welcoming, and general support (answering questions, etc.). Even if it seems like an unimportant task, we NEED you. Having this team work solely on such matters frees others up to work more on game production, so by all means if you are willing, sign up for this section. If you have a suggestion or question for another team position, please inquire in this thread. I'm very open to accepting any help in ANY area. The ones listed here are the ones that are HOT and IN DEMAND. So if you don't see a position you may fill, please ask for others, stating what it is you'd like to help with.

    Team structure: Project Head: Cubia (me) - Duties is to keep everything running smoothly, make updates, recruitment, some art/layout design, managing forums, conference head, contacting companies, legalities, etc. I also serve as one o the musick producers, lead singers and lyric writer for the project. 3D Heads: Nova (experience - 2 months with sketchup), Alto (Weapons lead, few months exp with sketchup) Other 3d Team members: Rowen (new), Azure Sarios (few months with 3ds max exp., specializes in character design), spacenucls (new, landscape/weapons design) 2D Heads: Haura (character concept design, years of exp), Lauphingman/SIN (weapons design, years of exp), Arsonist (Monster Design, years of exp) Kazuki-san (lead chara/art designer for Age of Inception) Other 2D team Members: Ark (weapons design, few months exp), AzureSiren (monster/weapons/some chara design, years of exp), Esterk (monster design, year of exp)Hakashi (signature/banner maker) Programming Head: Haseo (5 years of C++ exp) Other Programmers: Darkiee (learning C++, Vis Basic years of exp., Java exp., Python exp.) Flash: Powerswithin, Esterk (learning) Web Design Head: xViper (html/css years of exp.) Other web Designers: Elmrok (html/css learning), Rowen (html/css learning), Ovan (html/css learning) Sesshoumaru (html/css learning) Luscarion (html/css learning) Writer Head: Formerly Maxi, but his full schedule didn't allow him to continue, so this position is open. Other writers: Rakuraiji (German translator, various writing), Luke (some Japanese translation) Kazuki-san (anime script) Musick head: prophet (a year in fl studio, 7+ years of musick composing exp.) Other Musick: Rakuraiji (new), Pyrne (new), spacenucls (years of composing exp.), Ovan (new), Cubia (lead singer) Support Team Head: Ashley Other support team: Supersonic, ShinTsukasa Event Planner Head: Rowen, Hanasaku, Tentaichi Other Event planners: Promethius126, Tmac, Zeno, Calcifer, ShinTsukasa, Emerica, many others Fuller List (still being reworked): Admins: Cubia Sesshoumaru Alkasirn Mods: Azurewatergod (pending) Musick theprophet8 Spacenukls123 Pyrne Rakuraiji Wignut Dankai Soi Ovan 2d art: Kaldeon Haura Lauphingman Ark Esterk Sou .hack//COUGH Kazuki-san Kingsmage Azuresiren Arsonist Bam Flash: Powerswithin Esterk 3d art: Sarios Nova Rowen Daiki-sama AzireAlto Sletten Scripters: Darkiee Sletten TheDude Haseo Lollancf37 Manciux Revanthedarth Event Planner: Tentaichi Tmac Prometheus126 Zeno Rowen Hanasaku Emerica Killua Calcifer XxJezixX GSky Savage: Pkamerica Rapter200 Skullknight393 Ovan Esterk Gsky (p) Kaldeon (p) Writer: Artemis ShinTsukasa Rakuraiji TheFairyTale Community: Ashley Ovan Web Development: XViper Hakashi Luscarion

    Website: The website is currently under construction. It will be hosted at: Please keep checking back for updates. I'll also announce here when the basic website goes up. Until then, please join the community boards: Forums

    Contacts: My email: Forums

    Previous Work by Team: Most of the members of this team claim this as their first project. I have run many online projects, but nothing MMORPG-related. Our character artist, Haura, is on many manga/art-related projects. Luscarion has experience in running businesses and keeping things organized. That's about as far as our previous work relations go, as far as I know.

    Additional Info:

    Wallpapers/Character Art by Haura:

    ></span> <span rel='lightbox'><img class='bbc_img' SRC=


    Weapons Designs by AzureSiren, Cubia, and Lauphingman:


    Monster Designs by AzureSiren:

    Faceset/Stat Bars Designed by sasionstrife:

    Some 3d models by Nova:

    Mushroom/Untextured Music snippets by various musick team individuals: Walls That Speak Reckon Epitaph in Stone Rock the Desert Subtle Mystery And some of the voice try-outs for characters for the anime: Skeith Innis Skeith 2 Corbenik Magus

    Feedback: ANY and you are ENCOURAGED to post, please. We love feedback. Thank you for your interest in our project. We hope to hear from some of you very soon. Cubia, project manager I'll see you in 'The World'.

  22. Dear Users & Fans.

    Due to the fusion with the Celes-Network, a Network administrated by my Team and I - I decided to fuse the Fragment Project into my very own private Blog which can be accessed at .

    The BBS also got closed and moved to the new host aswell.

    All important data was ported over and I hope you all will be pleased with the new web-presence.

    This Website - From now on - is on HIATUS and there will be no further edits or update to it.

    For reference and information though this page will stay online and I hope that all people that are interested in the project will come over to the new place for new updates & information.

    Sincerely, the Administrator.

    R. D. Coldbird

  23. Altimit Corp Members

    Thank you for visiting  We are currently closed.  You can visit the official .hack//G.U. forums at

    We appreciate all of your support for .hack//G.U. and look forward to seeing you again in the future.

    Thank you,
    Altimit Corporation

    Here is a message from the producer of .hack//G.U., Mr. Hiroshi Matsuyama:

    To our beloved fans in North America,

    Thanks to your dedication, ".hack//G.U." is complete!
    How did you like our ".hack//G.U." project?

    Although I'm in Japan, I felt the heated passion of everyone in North America, and had a fun and fulfilling year because of it. I'm also very pleased that we were able to illustrate everything we wanted to in our story. I wanted to create a "coming of age" story like this for a very long time.

    You know, we all run into difficult times, sad times...
    Times when you just want to break down and cry...
    Times when days like that don't end.
    Times when days like that become the norm.

    Though we may fall, though we may get dirt smeared on our face, We smile and get back up. We all struggle, but my hope is that we get back up again.

    Like Haseo.

    And start walking again. It doesn't have to be a fast pace.
    Because you know, A walking pace is enough.

    Hiroshi Matsuyama
    CyberConnect2 Co., Ltd.

  24. Solid, long bursts of work have started again and I have decided that after the server and networking is completely rebuilt (which is almost done, just need to implement the client side into the current game) that there will be a beta test to see how smoothly this whole new system runs. The features will be that of a simple MMORPG without battles for now. After that and whatever fixes have been made, focus will switch back to the battle engine once again (which is already looking very good and has progressed quite far).

    But, there are two problems.
    One is that we want to start using original, unique characters for this beta test. Of course not tons like the end game will have, but enough. The problem is that we don't currently have anyone that is up to the job of working with us frequently to produce these sprites. The sort of character sprites needed are the sort in the screenshots here. They don't have to be the exact same (for example, making them somewhat bigger may look better), but need to be able to fit in with the rest of the graphics well.
    If you think you are up to such a job, then please contact me via PM or by email or on MSN Messenger (

    The second problem is that currently we have no real way of hosting such a beta. We need a windows machine that will be able to run 24/7 without much interference to host this new server, preferably. Again, without this, the beta will be impossible. Again, if you can help here, please contact me via PM or by email or on MSN Messenger (

    If you want to help out this team but can't help in the two ways listed above, then still feel free to contact me. Please just make sure that you will be able to help us well in at least one way.

    (Note: If you think you've already talked to me about the related things in this post in the past, then please contact me again, as I'm not 100% certain about what people have said and what they are currently doing, with disappearing for months or whatever and I have no idea if you still want to do anything. Thanks.)

    If you have any interest in helping us, but are not sure and need questions answered. then please contact me by any of the ways listed above and I'll be able to fill you in with everything you need to know.

    Interested in the progress of this beta test? then check out here.

    One last note. I'll be away for a week this Tuesday (14th of August). So don't expect to hear from me until I get back.

    Thanks. We're counting on you!

  25. Kesseki
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    Okay! As of today, I'm going to be on vacation for a little under two weeks. This means that moderation, technical help, etc. may be a little slow.

    This does not mean that you can feel free to ignore the rules for two weeks. I will have regular Internet access. Other moderators are also watching, and if I hear of anyone trying to take advantage of the slower moderation, bad things will be happening. happy.png Just saying.