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兵庫県 神戸電子専門学校にて開催される「最強業界連携セミナー」にて2019年7月30日(火)グラスホッパー・マニファクチュア須田剛一氏とサイバーコネクトツー松山洋の公開セミナーが決定いたしました! 約20年に渡り最前線でゲームコンテンツ開発、人材育成、社業の成長に注力をしてきた経験から見えてきたゲーム業界の過去、現在そして未来についてお話していただきます。 この機会にぜひお越しください。 現在申し込み中!
公開セミナー概要 日時 2019年7月30日(火)
13:00~ 登壇者 株式会社グラスホッパー・マニファクチュア
須田 剛一氏 株式会社サイバーコネクトツー
松山 洋 セミナータイトル ゲーム業界の過去、現在、未来! https://www.kobedenshi.ac.jp/taiken/report/2019/4825   「最強業界連携セミナー」概要 日時 2019年7月13日(土)~9月7日(土) 会場 神戸電子専門学校
兵庫県神戸市中央区北野町1丁目1−8 参加費 無料 最強業界連携セミナー
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2019年7月6日(土)、13日(土)、20日(土)、27日(土)23:00~23:30放送予定のRKBラジオ「宮岡プラチナゲート~RKBからの挑戦状!」『ラジオ放談ぴろし!』にサイバーコネクトツー松山洋が出演いたします。 タレントで女優・声優の馬場阿紀子 氏とともに、ゲーム、アニメ、漫画についてたっぷりと語ります! 視聴者プレゼントもありますので、この機会にぜひお聴きください。 放送は、PC・スマートフォンで聴くことも可能です(視聴ページ ⇒ radiko RKBラジオページ)。 「宮岡プラチナゲート~RKBからの挑戦状!」とは 番組概要 番組名 「宮岡プラチナゲート~RKBからの挑戦状!」『ラジオ放談ぴろし!』 出演者 馬場阿紀子 氏
放送日 2019年7月6日(土)、13日(土)、20日(土)、27日(土)
※時間は変更になる場合がございます。 番組一覧 RKBラジオ公式サイト
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Make Your Own Dothack Game

Last November we at DHN wanted to host a community programming day where you the community would put your skills to the test and create the best fan dothack game. But to many people's disinterest in performing such a difficult task and many people questioning their graphic and programming skills, we sought a way to balance the field so that everyone could participate. Rather than the community sit and write code or sit and draw, we discovered an easier method. What if we provided the programs you could use and you would focus more on the storytelling. And thus the genre Text Adventure Game was the best platform to allow everyone the chance to participate. A text adventure game, for those unfamiliar does not use graphics whatsoever. It works like a Choose Your Own Adventure books, where everything is predetermined but the reader, in this case the player's choice would determine different outcomes of success or failure. The player is given a text prompt and makes a choice when the narrative needs a player to interact, or the player can move around and select options based on words and actions. If anyone may have been fortunate to play, a real life example of a game that is best known for this would be Zork. The programs you may choose for this challenge are Inform 7, Twine, Quest, or ADRIFT. You will want to read on the features each program has to offer best suited for your needs, i.e. some can be created on a web page without having to install any software, others allow easier navigation for branching results. Whichever option you choose is acceptable, you may even use any other software not mentioned here. So long as the community can download and play your game. The last rule and most important rule to this challenge is that it must be dothack related. Whether you decide to use existing dothack characters in a new story, or using the canon characters to retell the same story for those who were unable to play the games, or if you wish to create your own original characters that exist in The World franchise is acceptable. Which version of The World is up to you, the original, The World R:2 from the .hack//GU games, The World R:X from .hack//LINK, or The World FORCE:ERA from the movie .hack//Beyond the World. Character classes should be mentioned or made apparent, use of friendly creatures like Grunty's and ChimChim's are also encouraged, and of course monsters! While pulling out your notebook or notepad writing ideas, you should consider the following: protagonists, antagonist, supporting characters, a conflict, a solution, and a resolution. Be sure to consider other literary tools like themes and tones. And of course, be sure to share your works when you finished. Make sure to tag us @dothacknetwork on social media when you wish to share your work. And on September 13th 2019 aka International Programmers Day, we will pick an entry as the winner of 2019's Make Your Own Dothack Game challenge!