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    • Cheat Engine
      If you ever used Cheat Engine, a program you can use that allows you to modify values in programs and games, then you should be aware that you can use Cheat Engine to modify nearly all values in the game. Not knowing what you are doing can be quite dangerous, so you should have some basic understanding on what this tool does before you jump right in.

      For starters, you use this tool to select a program/game to focus on, and it allows you to search for information that the selected program/game is running in the background. So if a program/game is running some values or storing some values, you can search, add your address to a list of tables, and then modify the value stored.

      Let's say for example in .hack//Fragment you start out with 1,000 Gold Points, and you want to change that to like 999,999. Well you can, just like that. But what you might not know is trying to find that number when and where in the game, could be like finding an earring in a desert. Luckily I have saved my values found for .hack//fragment, however there is one caveat regarding my tables, they are different from modified version to version of the game.
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    • Translation Works by Fans
      It's unfortunate a good portion of the .hack media was never released outside of Japan. Therefore much content never received an official localization in USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Brazil, etc.... However thanks to the fan community, a steady progress of them have been translated unofficially. Below is a list of content that has been translated, whether fully or partially.
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    • Play Any PS2 Region Game
      It's common place to know that PS2 consoles only play PS2 games based on the region of the console you are playing on. For example if your PS2 game disc says NTSC-U/C on the disc itself, it will only play on a PS2 console that says NTSC-U/C near the model/serial number sticker on the back or the bottom of the console itself.

      There have been work around's but none like this. MechaPWN by MechaResearch lead by balika011 have made it that you can change your console's version to a debug version and will disable disc region check.
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    • You Can Play .hack//VERSUS in 2021
      .hack//VERSUS was a Playstation 3 arcade 3D fighting like game. Like traditional fighting games, there is a story mode you can progress and unlock additional content as you progress. There's a set number of eight fighters to choose from with their own unique moves. Any person any where can play .hack//VERSUS on a PS3 from any region, the game itself was only released in Japan as NTSC-J game region. But the PS3 is region free, therefore players from USA with their NTSC-U/C region console, can pop the disc in and play without difficulty, same for PAL region consoles from UK, France, German, Italy, etc... And as long as the Playstation Network is still functional for the PS3 (unlike the scare from Summer 2021 where PSN was almost shut down), anyone can play .hack//VERSUS online with each other across the world.

      You can also play .hack//VERSUS on a PC using the emulator RPCS3. As long as your PC is powerful enough; you can run RPCS3 to emulate .hack//VERSUS, with a controller plugged in via USB, and with RPCN configured correctly you can even play .hack//VERSUS online with other PC players. (alternatively you can use parsec to jump directly on someone's PC to play as player 2) However PC and PS3 users can not play cross-platform, PS3 can only play PS3 and PC can only play PC users. Here's how to setup.
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    • Physical Media Timeline Chronological Order
      Of all the physical .hack media, there has been many physical and digital releases of this franchise. Too much in fact that it may seem overwhelming at first. People will ask, where do I begin? Where's the start of the series? What's the earliest and the latest? etc... Here we have it broken down into 3 categories called "seasons", these are based mostly on which iteration of "The World" the series takes place during. The years beside each season has to do with the year in-universe, not actual release date in real life.
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    • You Can Play .hack//fragment in 2021
      The goal of this guide is to set you up with the original retail copy of .hack//fragment in English and with the new address to the new online server, and to play on your choice of real Playstation 2 hardware or emulation on PC, Linux, Mac. And possibly on backwards compatible or custom firmware Playstation 3, Xbox One X|S, and Xbox Series X|S.

      If you read my previous guide from last year 2020, you may have learned that you can play .hack//fragment as of the time you reading this topic. However, that guide was written in Summer of 2020, and it was more of a as the development progressed, so things are in out of order and the guide doesn't flow from A to B to C, more like A to D back to B  and then C. With this 2021 guide and with the progress made in the past 6 months, this discussion will flow easier and sensible for you who may have never attempted this. Let me assure you ANYONE can do this, so that means YOU can play .hack//fragment today if you wanted.

      Here's the short back story of things, .hack//fragment was developed by CyberConnect2 and published by Bandai as a stripped down version of .hack//Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, Quarantine that has no voice overs whatsoever in any language and no FMV's. So what you have is a game that has a character creator, root town, shops, items, fields, dungeons, monsters; the base game you may have experienced in the IMOQ games.

      There is a short story in .hack//fragment's "Offline" mode, all text no audio. The most important part of this offline mode is to acquire "data drain" for your character's, and this is the only means to get this skill for your characters. You can create a character in either offline or online mode, your characters are transferable between the two modes. But the part in offline mode tutorial where you play with Mia, this is when your character permanently acquires the skill Data Drain.
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    • Liminality OVA Localization
      Liminality was the OVA for the first generation of the dothack franchise that was included with the original PS2 games. Each game had included 1 DVD each for each of the 4 episodes of .hack//LIMINALITY that coincided with the game's timeline. This was the real world account of events while you played the PS2 video game, each involving a party directly tied to the in game characters and events that were occurring at that time.
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