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Play Tales of the Rays .hack//GU Collaboration Limited Run Event!


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If you wish to play, you can! Follow these instructions.


1. Get yourself a compatible Android device or you can play on PC or Mac with Bluestacks, an Android emulator.


Alternatively, for Linux you can use Genymotion.

Also with Bluestacks, press LCTRL+LSHIFT+L to get a translated screenshot at any time in game.

2. Download this APK file.


3. Install the APK file to your Android device or Bluestacks.

4. You may also want to install APKPure to keep the game up-to-date. Alternatively you can download the APK here as well if you search for テイルズ オブ ザ レイズ

5. Make sure to play the game and acquire all the .hack//GU content, this is a limited time event that ends on September 30th 2020.

If you wish to talk to us and everything dothack, join our official Dothack Network discord server.


Check out our other Tales of the Rays videos.


In game you have to remember you must acquire the characters and content prior to September 30th, this is a limited time event and after the 30th, there is no way to go back and reacquire what will be locked. So make sure you spend all your free gems, free spins, and cards before then. If you need more gems, just simply play the main story mode and set the game to auto-play.

When you start the game you will be prompted with this message.

This is asking you to register for a BandaiNamco ID, not necessary unless you wish to transfer your game from device to device or have a backup in case you wish to make sure you don't loose your account. Either way, press the button on the left to ignore.

This next screen is your main hub, it's the first tab on the bottom left.

The four blue buttons on the right are news, gifts, missions, and friends. Be sure to always redeem your gifts and missions. There four icons on the bottom right, the only one you need to concern yourself is the green checklist. This is the bingo sheet, and for .hack//GU there are 2 sheets you should be completing, make sure to check here often and return to the gift's icon on the left to redeem your bingo rewards.As you complete tasks on the bingo sheet, the icons will slowly be removed, the longest one you'll have is the 7 day login bingo which you see left on the bottom right of my bingo card, make sure to start this prior to Sept 23rd and login each every day.

The second tab on the bottom of the screen is the quests screen.

Make sure you click on the second link down to see the .hack//GU quests, there are two! The first one will unlock the character Haseo for you, this is the story quest.

You can not acquire the Atoli character from here. Also the Kite, Ovan, and Alkaid are not character's but rather outfits you can acquire by chance for the Tales of characters Emil, Malik, and Rose respectively. Atoli and the 3 character outfits can only be redeemed by chance from the gacha shop, the 8th tab at the bottom of the screen which requires gems and cards and going against the RNG.

The second one down will look a lot different once you click it, this is the raid quest.

There's a percentage on this banner and will vary from time to time, don't worry about it.

When you enter you will see the 4 raid bosses; Emil as Kite, Malik as Ovan, Rose as Alkaid, and a skeleton dragon. You are not required to beat all these raid bosses on every difficulty. But rather farm the highest difficulty you can do to earn points.

These points are not spent directly, the more points you earn, the higher the reward you immediately unlock which can be redeemed in the gift page.

The 8th tab on the bottom of the screen is the gacha shop.

Once inside you will see 3-5 gray bars on the left to denote which type of spending you wish to spend. The first being free gems and paid gems, the next will be cards, followed by friendship points, and finally the grade shop. Depending on what you've unlocked you might also see a ribbon category but more on that later.

In the free/paid gems category there are 3 banners; the one with Rose as Alkaid, the one with Atoli/Haseo, and the one with Haseo/Atoli. To get Atoli, use the third one down with Haseo/Atoli on the cover.

You have a higher chance to getting rare draws if you use the 200 gem at a time. If you need more gems, go back and play the main story quest to earn more gems.

Same thing can be said regarding the 1st banner with Kite, Ovan, and Rose. Better odds pulling 200 gems rather than 20 gems at a time. If all goes well you'll unlock the outfits.

If not, keep grinding those free gems from the game's main story mode.

So you acquired the characters, you acquired the outfits, now what?

For starters you can add them to your room. It's a pub like bar for 4 of your characters to hang out in. Currently all room's are .hack//GU themed so you will see ChimChim's around along with Death Grunty sitting at the table.

To change/add the characters to your room, click on the 7th tab at the bottom of the screen. You might get some prompts as you enter, just press the upper right button to continue. Once you see the room there will be 4 icons to the left and 3 icons to the right. On the right side, click the icon on the bottom that looks like a gear.

This will take you to the customize room as you see above. There are 4 character spots you can change, plus a 5th spot for an NPC, but that's not important. Click the portrait or empty space to select and choose your character. In the case of Emil, Malik, and Rose; they won't be in their new outfits by default, you'll have to change that yourself by clicking the button beneath their portrait, it looks like a green sword shield and wand icon.

If you successfully pulled the outfits from the gacha shop, you'll see the outfit from the scrolling area on the right, click the outfit and press the green button on the bottom to apply. Then press the back button on the top left to return.

The 3 icons on the bottom let you put a trophy on the table, change the poster, and change the room design.

You can click the trophy of your choice, if you played the .hack//GU story mode and bingo card you'll have obtained 2 trophy's, one of Haseo's face and one of Haseo/Atoli together. Click the trophy and press the green button on the left to apply. Then press the back button on the top left.

On the poster page, much like the trophy page, you choose the poster you want and click the green button on the left. The poster's are unlocked by leveling up your character's affinity. You can do this by playing with them in game by taking them on quests. This can be slow but thankfully you only need to rank them to level 1 affinity to unlock their poster. Another way to raise affinity is by giving them gifts. On the room main screen, this is the gift box icon above the gear icon you used to customize your room.

Click click and drag a gift from the pool down below and drop it on the character of your choosing. Different gifts reward different experience. If you hold a gift over a character it will show how much experience will be added.

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