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It's common place to know that PS2 consoles only play PS2 games based on the region of the console you are playing on. For example if your PS2 game disc says NTSC-U/C on the disc itself, it will only play on a PS2 console that says NTSC-U/C near the model/serial number sticker on the back or the bottom of the console itself.

There have been work around's but none like this. MechaPWN by MechaResearch lead by balika011 have made it that you can change your console's version to a debug version and will disable disc region check.


A few things to keep in mind:

  • You must have FMCB version 1.9 Multi-Install, FreeDVDBoot, Open Tuna, or other methods of loading your USB storage.
  • The console must be SCPH-500XX or higher.
  • Can not be performed on a Debug or Developer unit PS2 console.
  • Your DVD player will not be able to play DVD's until you update your DVD region.
  • Will not play backup copied games, unless you choose a specific option.
  • Has the potential to brick your console if done incorrectly.

MechaResearch and DHN are not accountable if you choose to install MechaPWN and it bricks your console, install at your own risk.

Watch MrMario's video installation guide here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzKVcpjugCE

Below is a video to see it in action.


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