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    One of the key differences between Offline and Online mode is that in Offline mode you are the only real player, all the people walking around are NPC's, plus the shop NPC's and the Grunty NPC's. But in Online mode there are no randomly walking NPC's, there is no Grunty NPC to raise, however the shop NPC's are still around. So when you are in the Online mode and you notice an NPC standing around the Chaos Gate, you triggered an Area Server event.

    The Area Server is capable of throwing players a random event. It is still unknown of what actually triggers these events. Originally they would spawn on specific dates from November 2005 to January 2007, but whether it was meant to only spawn on that day of that year, we don't know. Even though they can still randomly get triggered to this day, it's never on the exact day. Whenever a new area server goes online, that area server will most likely trigger the New Years Day NPC event, where the prize will be Kite's Kite. So should you encounter an NPC triggered event, let us know in our Discord chatroom.

    You can also force trigger an event, such as The One Sin event.

    This will force the infamous monster that Balmung of the Azure Sea and Orca of the Azure Sky once fought. You can trigger it by adding this save file to your Area Server installation.

    The event window is 15 minutes every 3 hours for that day. Meaning the NPC that hosts the event will be hanging out by the Chaos Gate to give players the first trigger to go to a specific field and dungeon to complete with the reward of a key item that can only be obtained through this event.

    What we know about some of the events from old articles from the official .hack//fragment support site, they are as follows.

    • 2005/12/25 Christmas Event
    • 2005/12/31 New Year's Eve Event
    • 2006/01/01 New Year's Day Event
    • 2006/02/03 Setsubun Event
    • 2006/02/13 Valentine's Day Event
    • 2006/03/15 Cherry-blossom Viewing Event
    • 2006/07/07 Tanabata Event
    • 2006/08/07 Obon Event
    • 2006/09/28 PC Day Event
    • 2006/10/09 Health and Sports Day Event

    This is the original descriptions of some of those events from the .hack//fragment official support website.



    2006/2/10 Valentine's Day event
    The event will be held on February 13th.
    Get a fine chocolate for Valentine's Day. And how about giving it to your precious PC on February 14th? Again, in root town, please find a certain PC. In the dungeon, Black Rose is waiting for you.

    2006/1/17 Setsubun event
    The turning point of the season, "Setsubun," is here.
    On February 3rd, we will hold a setsubun event to get rid of evil from "The World".
    Please find a certain PC in Root Town.
    Then, we are waiting for you on the day of "Old Kiyoki", "Far East" and "Customs".

    December 28, 2005 New Year's Day event
    To celebrate the new year, we will hold a New Year's Day event on January 1st.
    Please discover a certain PC in the root town of the area server. There is a New Year greeting from the legendary PC. Enjoy your new year's first adventure.
    We hope that you will continue to play an active part in "The World" in 2006.

    December 27, 2005 Event held on New Year's Eve
    This year, it’s almost gone!
    Therefore, we will hold a New Year's Eve event on December 31st.
    If you find a PC that is in the root town of the area server, ask for the area word. You may get a perfect present gift for the new year.
    I pray that all of you will have a good year next year.

    March 13, 2006 Cherry blossom viewing event
    A cherry blossom viewing event will be held on March 15.
    We will hold a cherry blossom viewing at The World prior to the real world.
    The event organizer for this event is that "Fiana's descendants".
    What kind of adventure is waiting for you this time?
    Again, in root town, find a certain PC and get an area word.

    2006/10/2 Physical Education Day event
    October 9th is Physical Education Day. However, it seems that an event will be held for people who are not good at exercise. Let's find and talk to "Coach Apprentice" in Route Town.


    Here's a more detailed list of the events and their rewards. Events that have more than one reward means you have a choice to choosing which item at the end.

    Christmas Event
    Triggered on 12/25/2005
    Rewards: Rena's Homemade Card (レナの手製カード)
    Rewards: Puchiguso Santa Statue (プチグソサンタ像)

    New Years Eve Event
    Triggered on 12/31/2005
    Event NPCs: Mistral
    Rewards: Devil's Bell (退魔の釣鐘)
    Rewards: New Year's Soba Set (年越し蕎麦セット)

    New Years Day Event
    Triggered on 01/01/2006
    Rewards: Kite's Kite (洋凧(カイト)

    Setsubun Event
    Triggered on 02/03/2006
    Rewards: Amanattō "Sugared Red Beans" (甘納豆)

    Valentine's Day Event
    Triggered on 02/13/2006
    Event NPCs: Valentina, BlackRose
    Message: You can get some Luxury Chocolate at the bottom of the dungeon in ! It's a limited time Valentine's Day item!
    Rewards: Luxury Chocolate (高級チョコレート)

    Cherry Blossom Viewing Event
    Triggered on 03/15/2006
    Rewards: Inoguchi "Balmung's Small Sake Cup" (バルムンクの猪口)

    Tanabata Event
    Triggered on 07/07/2006
    Reward: Tanzaku Strip "Wish Strips" (願いの短冊)

    Obon Event
    Triggered on 08/07/2006
    Rewards: Signed Shikishi "Autographed Colored Paper" (サイン入り色紙)

    PC Day Event
    Triggered on 09/29/2006
    Rewards: Mouse Pad (マウスパッド)

    Health and Sports Day Event
    Triggered on 10/09/2006
    Rewards: Natsume's Headband (なつめのハチマキ )

    We obviously believed it was triggered based off your machine's internal clock, unix time stamp, duration of the area server being online; however that does not seem to be the case. We do know it's the area server that triggers it, not the lobby server. If you somehow triggered one of these events, we'd like to hear about it. So please share and take lot's of screen shots!

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