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  • How to Play Online in Japanese


    Let's say you don't want to play .hack//fragment in English and play the game as it originally is, in Japanese. Well you can, but regardless the game disc will always point to an IP address that points to a server no longer being hosted. You have many options to choose from in this instance by either using an ELF file prior to loading the game on an emulator or by changing your DNS to point to a specified IP address.

    Using an ELF File

    For emulation with the PCSX2 PlayStation 2 emulator, download the latest file from 1UP's Github page.


    Load the ISO or the game from your DVD drive, and go to System and select Run ELF...


    Choose fragmentPatcher1.0.6-packed.elf You will need to do this EVERYTIME! you play the game to go online.

    After you choose the file that you've download and as long as the game was previously selected in CDVD, the game will now launch.

    That pretty much handles the rest, the game will display Japanese characters as normal except now when you connect online it will point to the new server.

    Modifying Your DNS Address

    If using an emulator, you can just use the default tools given to you through the CLR_DEV9 ethernet plugin (applies only to PCSX2 1.4 and 1.6 users). Select Config, Dev9, Plugin Settings...


    Doing so will give you a tiny window, select the Options button on the top right, across from Enable Ethernet.


    By default the bottom two DNS IP's are set for Auto, you can uncheck these two and enter for DNS1, and enter for DNS2


    Then press Apply on both windows and launch the game like normal. If you encounter an error code -611 while attempting to play online, it could be that the second DNS2 IP needs to be exactly the same as DNS1 IP, or the third-party DNAS host is currently offline.

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