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.hack//Dusk anime release announced

For those of you who have been waiting: according to Anime on DVD, volume 1 of .hack//Dusk is scheduled for release on May 25th, in both standard ($29.98) and limited ($49.98) editions. The limited edition will include an artbox and the .hack//Dusk soundtrack CD, plus a promotional card from .hack//Enemy.

The Right Stuf has current pre-order prices of $22.49 and $37.49 for the regular and limited editions, respectively. Apparently there's also a larger plush puchiguso available...@_@




.hack//INFO Rules

Welcome to .hack//INFO!

Before you register with or post at this site, you must read and understand all of the following information.

What is this site?

This site contains a number of forums for the discussion of the .hack anime, games, manga (comics), and novels. It is run by fans, and is no way endorsed by or affiliated with Bandai Entertainment, Cyberconnect, or the other creators and distributors of .hack products and media. (The official U.S. Web site for .hack can be found at http://www.dothack.com/.) This site is not a game, a part of any games, or a role-playing forum!

Why the long, complicated list of rules?

We're sorry! Unfortunately, it's not easy to manage a forum site that has nearly 1,000 users. All of these rules are written to either make managing the site easier, or to keep the site's quality level high. This is extremely difficult to do for forums that involve gaming. We don't mean to act like control freaks, but on this site, we would prefer an environment of excessive control and valuable information over a free, open environment with many arguments and little useful content.

What happens if I don't read the rules, or break the rules?

It all depends on what you do. If you have obviously not read the rules, we might delete your account and invite you to re-register. If you're deliberately ignoring or breaking the rules, and causing more than a small amount of trouble for us or for other users, you will be banned.

But that's only if you're causing major problems, which is unlikely. Most often, we'll PM (Private Message) or e-mail you a polite request or warning, asking you to be more careful in the future. Warnings may be less or more strict, depending on the infraction and on the moderator.

The Rules


This rule may sound harsher than normal, but this is a spammy world.

We do not allow any advertisements for items or services that are not directly related to .hack. All advertisements of any kind must first be run by a moderator for approval.

"Items or services" includes anything that makes money, or has a potential to. If you link to your site, and it has banner ads, it's borderline (not to mention a violation of fansite etiquette). But most importantly:

Don't you dare link to sites that offer prizes and/or increased status to those users who get other people to visit the site using a personalized link. We don't object to the sites themselves, but they are both completely off-topic for this board and against this policy.

Regarding PMs: If we find out that you've been PMing advertisements to people, things will go very badly for you, your Internet access, and your e-mail account. We will complain to ISPs regarding any mass PM advertising.

Amateur moderation

We appreciate the effort and meaning behind it, but please do not take it upon yourself to chastise users who break these rules. Doing so is not conducive to a friendly environment, and will only serve to irritate the actual moderators. Our rules may be strict, but we try to be newbie-friendly, and being mean to people who don't quite have a handle on the site isn't going to help them learn.

If you notice a thread that's in violation of the rules, please politely PM a moderator to have it taken care of.


Many new users ask questions about avatars. Read this section. To start using an avatar - that is, a picture next to your posts - simply click on the "Profile" link at the top of any page on the site. It's up to you to find an image to use for your avatar; it will need to be in JPEG or GIF format, with dimensions no larger than 100x100 pixels, and a file size no larger than 6K. You can create such an image file using most any basic graphics software.

Do not borrow avatars from other users without first getting their permission. If you have the same icon as someone else, it also makes it difficult for moderators to identify people based on their avatar, so we don't recommend using someone else's avatar anyway.

Please do not ask where to get a picture for your avatar; learn to use Google or another search engine. It's a vital skill anyway.

Avatar linking

Avatars on this board are stored on our server. It's all right to use the same image on many boards, but it is not all right to directly link to the image on one board from another.

With some boards, if you provide a Web address to an avatar from here rather than uploading it as a file, then every time your avatar is seen on that site, it will actually be loaded from ours. This wastes our bandwidth, which is not free.

We understand that this can happen unintentionally, as it may not be clear how another site will handle avatars. If we find out that you are directly linking to an avatar on our site, we will politely ask you to stop once, and will change the avatar image to a polite warning immediately.

If the avatar on the other board is then changed to another one hosted here, and it is obvious that the offending user on the other board is also the owner of an account here on .hack//INFO, it will result in a ban.

If another board requires that you load your avatar from another site, and you don't have anywhere else to host your avatar, let Bear know; basic avatar hosting can be done for a very nominal fee (e.g. $4.00/year for a typical amount of traffic).


If you're banned, you can't come back. You may read the board as a non-registered user, but do not try to register again. Among the moderators and staff are computer security and forensics experts. If we catch a banned user coming back, we will ban their new account and issue a complaint to their Internet access and/or e-mail account providers.

Board topics

Each section of this site is for a specific topic. Please do not post topics in sections where they don't belong. If you can't figure out which section a topic belongs in, try General Discussion - but if it's not related to .hack, it doesn't belong on the site at all. Posts related to the site itself should probably be PMed or e-mailed to a moderator, not posted to a forum.

All boards are for .hack-related material only!

General Discussion: Topics that cover or could cover more than one of the other boards, but don't contain major spoilers.
Fan Works: Fan-created art, fiction, cosplay, etc.

.hack Novels: .hack//AI Busters and related. These are Japanese novels, with no English translation available or planned.
.hack//SIGN: The first anime series.
.hack//Liminality and Games: Covering all four .hack games, as well as the .hack//ENEMY card game. Game help is not permitted in the Liminality and Games forum - only discussion of the plot.
.hack//Dusk (Legend of the Twilight): The manga and the second anime series, also known as Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu (UdeDen for short).

Serious Discussion: Like General Discussion, but for topics that do or could contain major spoilers.


If you're trying to obtain .hack merchandise, or are helping someone here who is looking for it, please be careful of bootlegs. They are illegal in most countries (including the U.S. and Canada), and none of the money from their sale goes to the original creators. For more information, please see The Pirate Anime FAQ.

Character names

All character and monster names from the .hack series are reserved, as are names based on them (e.g. "Tsukasa23"). Most of the base names have been automatically reserved, and you will not be able to register them. If you do register a name that isn't permitted under this rule, we will either delete or rename your account and ask you to pick a new name.

This is mainly for fairness. It wouldn't be fair if someone took the name of your favorite character based only on "first come, first served." Please don't try to evade this rule; we will catch it.

A few users do have account names which contain the names of characters. These people have been "grandfathered in" from when this policy was not quite so strict, but it's too late now. Sorry.


Do not post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, or sexually oriented material, or any other material which is in violation of any applicable laws. If you do, you may be warned or banned, depending on the material and whether we might have legal liability.


While the administrators and moderators of this forum will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review every message. Therefore, you acknowledge that all posts made to this site express the views and opinions of the author, and that these views do not necessarily correspond with those of the administrators, moderators, or providers of this site, who will therefore not be held liable.

The administrators, moderators, and providers of this forum have the right to remove, edit, or close any topic at any time, should they see fit.

Discouraged topics

The following topics are strongly discouraged, as they have been discussed many times before, and there is little or no useful information to be gained by bringing them up again. These topics will probably be locked when we notice them.

- "Who/what is your favorite X?"
- "It'd be great if they made a .hack MMORPG for the PC!"
- "Hi, I'm new!"

Double posting

If you've just replied to a post and think of something else to add, don't make another reply right after your first. This is what the "Edit" button is for - please use it. If you accidentally make a post twice, that's what the "X" button is for.

Moderator abuse

If you think that a moderator is being unfair or abusing their position, send a PM to Bear, or e-mail bear@dothack.info. Do note, though, that we choose our moderators carefully, and we have had no cases of abuse so far.


Please do not ask us whether you can become a moderator. We might, at some point in the future, consider offering moderator positions to a very few of our long-time, most helpful contributors. Asking us about becoming a moderator will automatically disqualify you!

Old threads

When you go to reply to a thread that's not right at the top of a board, please look at the date of the last reply. If it's more than a week or two ago, please think twice about replying. If you reply anyway, and don't contribute anything informative nor add any promising questions, we'll lock the thread.

This rule is to keep dozens of three-month-old threads from popping up again and again with replies like "I agree!"


If another site or source has useful information about .hack, we welcome a link to it or a copy of it. However, if you copy and paste the information without crediting the original source, we will get very angry. Just don't do it.

Political/moral beliefs

We do our best to avoid pushing our political and similar beliefs on anyone. That said, we are running an open discussion forum, welcoming all with an open mind who want to discuss .hack itself. Please accept that there may be things in the show which disagree with your personal political, moral, or religious beliefs, but which may not conflict with someone else's. Posts about how something is "so wrong" from a moral, political, philosophical, or similar angle will be locked and the posters furthering it possibly punished.


Any information which you enter on this site, along with your IP (Internet Protocol) address(es), will be stored in a central database. Some of this information will be available to the public; to see what is made public, simply click on the "Profile" link once you have logged in to the board. Your e-mail address will be available in your profile, but we will not otherwise disclose it, and we will never sell it.

While the information in our database will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent, we cannot be held responsible for any breach of security that may lead to the data being compromised.

Our forum software uses cookies to store information on your computer. These cookies serve only to allow you to remain logged in. Despite what you may have heard, cookies are not inherently evil, and are vital for keeping track of who is logged in to which account.

If you are under 13 years of age, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requires that we obtain your parents' signature on an authorization form, which our site will e-mail you. It needs to be faxed or mailed to us at the address which will be provided. We realize that this is a hassle, and we'd prefer not to have to deal with it, but it's the law.

Private Messaging

Private Messaging (PM) is a function of the board which allows you to talk directly with another user. It can be very useful, but please take a few things into account.

Please do not assume that another user is interested in randomly chatting with you over PM. PMs are more like e-mail than instant messaging, and many users (including all of the moderators) will not appreciate being PMed out of the blue for no reason. Just an etiquette-related item to keep in mind.

Harrassing or abusive PMs are not allowed, nor are PM advertisements. If you receive such a PM, please do not delete it. Let a moderator know, leave the PM in your inbox, and we will take care of it. Don't reply to an abusive PM; it will just make things worse.

See the "Advertising" section here for more on advertising in PMs. In short, don't do it, ever.


When you register, our site will ask you for some information, including your e-mail address. You need to enter a current, valid, working e-mail address; otherwise, your account will not work. Our site will automatically send you a confirmation e-mail, containing a link that you will need to click on before your account can be used.

Your e-mail address does not begin with "www.". AOL and Yahoo users, as well as anyone else whose account is set to reject e-mail from people not on a particular list: You must accept e-mail from unknown senders on the Internet in order to receive your confirmation message. If you have trouble registering because of this, we probably cannot help you if we cannot e-mail you! We do not use AOL ourselves, and rarely if ever will agree to help you over instant messaging. That said, if you experience any problems with registering, please e-mail us at forum@dothack.info.

Please keep your e-mail address up to date. The board will send you e-mail when you register, and unless you set your preferences otherwise, it will also e-mail you notifications of PMs or updates to threads that you're watching. If your e-mail address becomes invalid, we receive the bounce messages, and the last thing we need is more e-mail!

Multiple accounts are not forbidden, but we do not recommend them at all. If you're going to create more than just a few multiple accounts, please let us know beforehand.

Renaming your account

Don't create an entirely new account just because you want to change your name! This will keep your existing posts from being linked to you, and enlarge our database even more. Just tell Bear what you would like your account name changed to.


Board Administrator: Bear
Lead Moderator: Sora
Moderators: Balmung, Kite, Mireille, Tsukasa
Peanut Gallery: Moruti, Reki
.hack//INFO Hit Squad: Dark Puchiguso


You may notice that, in each post, there is a rank listed under the poster's name. Except in some special cases (mainly moderators and banned users), this is based on the user's number of posts.

Do not make pointless posts in order to raise your post count. No one's impressed. Two well-thought-out, carefully written, informed posts are worth a thousand or more posts that are one sentence long and contribute nothing.

Sharing files

When it comes to sharing anime, manga, MP3s, etc.: don't do it.

As common as it may be, sharing copyrighted material is illegal. Even if the product hasn't been released in the U.S., and the Japanese copyright holders are not pursuing file sharing, it's still illegal. It's not our business what you do elsewhere, but we do not need legal hassles on top of all that we have to deal with to keep this site running.

Most .hack materials are licensed for U.S. release, and sharing them is even more troublesome than sharing fansubs.

Whether it's in a post or a PM, don't ask where you can get copyrighted .hack materials, and don't share any sites that have them. We will lock the thread and/or edit the post and/or remove your account!


We do not, at present, have many automated restrictions on your signature. However, please do not use a great deal of text or any large images. Images should fit well within what would be blank space if the image were not there. If they approach or exceed that width, a moderator will ask you to resize the image and/or will remove it from your signature.

Before linking to an image in your signature, please make sure that you have permission from the site that hosts it. Please don't link to images that are hosted on very slow servers, as they may delay peoples' access to pages on our site that contain your signature.


The "Spoiler" tags (and button) are provided for when you're going to post something that could reveal information about a later part of one of the .hack series, which new viewers/players/readers might not know yet. They black out the selected part of your post so that it must be selected (using the mouse) in order to be read.

Please use spoiler tags when appropriate. They are not necessary in the Serious Discussion forum, which is assumed to contain spoilers.

Please do not put any information, images, etc. that are spoilers in your profile or signature.

Text colors and styles

Please do not post colored text, nor make posts in all-bold, all-italic, etc. Sure, it makes your posts "stand out" - it makes them annoying and hard to read.

Thank you for reading this far!

We appreciate it, and once again apologize for the length of these rules. If you don't understand something here, please e-mail us at forum@dothack.info before you post.

By registering for or using an account on this site, you certify that you understand and agree to the rules, terms, conditions, and policies stated above.




Welcome to the new server!

If you're reading this, you're on the new server! All of the Web sites that I host are being moved over to a much better machine, and as one of the largest and busiest, .hack//INFO is the first.

I've tested things fairly thoroughly, and it looks like they're working perfectly, with a definite speed boost. If you see any problems or unusual behavior, just let me know.

Also, the board rules have finally been consolidated into one long but simple document, which I'll be posting shortly. This should make it much easier to read all of the rules, as they're no longer spread about the board in multiple posts.





Site and forum back up!

Great news, I've successfully upgraded the sites bandwidth. Sorry for the small downtime. Everything should be back to normal with the site and forums. If you see any parts of the site or BBS acting up, please drop me an email





BBS reaches 100 registered members!

A milestone for the BBS has been reached, 100 members! If you haven't allready registered, what are you waiting for? .hack//info center's BBS is the #1 community regarding .hack. Not only are our members polite, but they come up with great ideas for threads and informative replys to topics (no spam!). If you have a question regarding the anime, .hack games or card game, ect, it will most likely be answered quickly and correctly. If you're sick of talking about .hack, post in the off-topic forum. .hack//info center's BBS has it all.

Click here to register and start posting on the BBS today!




[499] fanpics added

Thanks to our friends at http://www.cyberconnect2.jp and OrangeSlice, I have uploaded 499 .hack fan-pics. Please note that all fan-pics are protected by their respected creators. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE FAN-PICS. By clicking on the link below you understand that if requested to do so, you MUST delete the pics from your hard-drive.


.hack fan-pics




.hack//sign figures

Toycom will be releasing two 6' inch action figures of Mimuru and Subaru from .hack//sign. The figures (pictured below) have a suggested retail price of $11.99 each and due to ship sometime in December. No word if Toycom will bring additional .hack//sign characters to the United States.




**.hack//Quarantine info**

Over the past few days, I have learned that .hack//quarantine (the final volume of the games) will indeed be out in February, and that quaratine will have some kind of chat feature, which will be vital to the plot. The chat feature will enable you to send messages to your party members offline or on another server. And of course there will be new weapons to attain and mini-quests. Quarantine will be the the hardest out of the bunch, so be prepared come Feb. 2004! More info will be posted as it becomes available.




hack//sign UNCOVERED DVD (vol. 5) out in stores

As of yesteday, the 5th volume of .hack//sign (uncovered) is available to own on DVD. Hurry up and grab the limited edition DVD package, which includes a CD Collector's Box to hold ALL the .hack//SIGN CD soundtracks. Only 15000 will be produced.




10,000 visitors

Yesterday marked a milestone for .hack//info center, 10,000 unique hits in October alone! The count trippled from last month, and is still rising. Keep those visits coming!





I'm back from my long ass vacation. Otakon was great and I'll have a full report up soon. I also have the Dusk section up. Click Here to access it for now. Also, I got to speak with the head of marketing from Bandai. They told me the official release date for .hack//OUTBREAK (Volume 3) is 9/9/03. Also I spoke with another representitive who was showing off the .hack//ENEMY Trading Card game. That will hit shelves in October. I'll have a full report on these items shortly. Well That's all folks. Ja Ne ~Aura




New Wallpaper

Hyo! I added a new item to the http://web.archive.org/web/20030811124953/http://aura.fragism.com/main.php?hack=wp.htmlwallpapers section. Please be sure to check it out . Working on a new splash page. I'll hopefully have it done before I leave for Otakon Thursday. Well that's all for now. ~Aura~




New Affliation

Well, I had a mini vacation this weekend and I'm leaving on the 8th-10th for Otakon, so that's the reason for lack of updates recently . I just added //epitathal to the Affliates. Check them out, they're really comming along nicely. I'm gonna work on updating a section soon too. If anyone knows of a good Image/Media server that I can use, please contact me by leaving a comment or e-mail. Well that's all for now. Ja Ne!




New BBS Server

Well we updated the BBS Actually we moved them. Sorry if you're upset about losing all your posts but don't worry just as soon as I figure out a way, I'll put you back where you were . Well get posting!




Major Update =^.^=

Well we finally got 3.0 up! Yay. I added .hack//SIGN Character Profiles and also added Mai to the Staff Page. I also added two new Affiliates. Awakening: An Aura Shrine and Mirage of Deceit. Both excellent sites. More on the way. Leave a comment on the new layout! Ja Ne! ~Aura~




New Wallpaper added.

The folks at .hack//INSIDER were really nice and gave us a wallpaper of Elk. YaY =^.^=. Not much else updated, but hey this is huge news so check it out.




Woo new stuff!

Woo, new server that has fusion news. No more annoying news.txt . We will be getting version 3.0 up soon, and more updates so please stay tuned folks. Good work Mimiru!. Also, lets give a shout out to the peeps in the BBS. Keep posting! Ja Ne! ~Aura~




Small but noteable update.

A noteworthy update. I added people to the staff page. We still have alot of openings for people who wish to join. The BBS are gettin very busy, so we'll need Mods to keep an eye on things. Well that's all for this small update! ~Aura~





Welcome to this Funny little side project of mine. Since I'm a .Hack fan, and since I think both .hack//SIGN and RO resembles each other alot (both being a mmorpg) I decided to make the .Hack Characters as RO Characters! Now, some ppl asked me if they could actually adopt these..so I thought, why not^^; ADOPTION RULES! Adoptions can be made of Sites and Web forums that allows you to have a signature. Webpages: you must provide A link back to this site (http://spores.net/Landale/Ragnarok) or use the Adoption Banner^_^ WebForums: Same as sites, provide the adoption banner, or a link in your sig, please. DUN forget to mail me the addy to your webpage! If you wanna use these in a SIG what so ever, ask me first.   Banner has a transparent BG, so the 2nd banner is actually the same..         .Hack//SIGN6 More sprites under Construction ~     7 Tsukasa. WaveMaster He's the main character of .hack//SIGN. Mysterious and deals with his problems by shutting himself into his own little world. He's cautious and anti-social.     7 Subaru. Heavy Axe. Subaru-sama is a kind hearted person and she's the type who tries to understand everyone, and does her best to help them out. As a system mod she's also very high in rank within the Scarlet Knights.     7 Mimiru. Heavy Blade. Mimiru-chan is the perky and upbeat schoolgirl kind of person. She likes to fight, but most often enemies more high lvl than herself. Even if she seems to be a happy go lucky type of person, Mimiru isn't the one to join teamparties. She's a somewhat of a lone wolf.     7 Bear. Blade user. He's a very caring type of person, and is the type who tries to help out, be a rolemodel, and act as a father or big brother. However, even if he tries his best at this, he might be misunderstood. Also he's one of the older persons.     7 B.T. Wave Master.     7 Krim. Long Arm     7 Sora. Twin Blade.       7 Ginkan       7 Balmung       7 Helba       7 Mahou       7 Aura     7 Kite. Twin Blade.




New BBCode tag for posting spoilers

Thanks to Sudra, there's now an easy way to "mask" spoilers within your posts to the forum. Simply enclose the text that's a spoiler within the "spoiler" BBCode tag, like this:   This looks like:

To view the spoiler text, just use your mouse to highlight the black box, and it will show up. Please do note that this doesn't change the board policies on spoilers.